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The Counterparty protocol is an open source and extensively tested for 4 years on the Bitcoin (Core) network from 2014-2018 before the project launch. By allowing users to create and trade any kind of digital token, Counterparty enables anyone to underwrite assets and issue financial instruments and non-financial tokens, ticketing, licenses and redemption rights and much more on the Bitcoin blockchain. With the launch and rapid growth in global adoption of Bitcoin (Cash) adding the Counterparty protocol opens the floodgates to endless possibilities. By using the Bitcoin (Cash) blockchain and low transaction fees, fast transaction times and instant global peer-to-peer payments: real-world scenarios can now be transformed into code and exchanged in the Distributed Exchange (DEX) with no need for an intermediary. (XCPC) is used to provide protocol functionality. For instance, XCPC is the currency used to pay for the registration of asset names. More generally, XCPC represents stake in the platform on the Bitcoin (Cash) blockchain and it is the voting currency for changes to be decided on by the user community.

XCPC will launch March 1st, 2018.
It is proposed there will be a “burning”
In January 2014, over 2,100 bitcoins were burned, creating about 2.6 million XCP.
January 2018, XCPC is a community consultation period.
Launch details will be published here before Feb 4th, 2018.

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