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- A new Proof-Of-Work algorithm, Equihash to allow GPU/CPU mining. We'll not tolerate ASICs.
- 450 days half-life [1/36,500,000,000] of Uranium. (Block rewards of BCU will be halved every 450 days with a max supply at 21 million
- 1 minute block time
- Anonymous address (future versions)
- No pre-mine unlike Bitcoin Gold, Silver, or Platinum


- Ticker : BUM
- Supply : 21 Million
- PoW algorithm : Equihash
- Mining Hardware target : CPU/ GPU
- Block Interval : 1 minute
- Block size (actual) : 1M (2-4M)
- Difficulty adjustment : Every block
- Segwit : Yes
- Replay protection : Yes
- Unique address format : Yes

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