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Bitcoin price: $5,219.64 (1.60 %)
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Dec. 31st
Fork at block height 501949
Owners of BTC at the time get equivalent number of BCO
Total supply 21,000,000

Mining Method: Proof of Capacity (POC)

Technical parameters (TBC):
Block size: 8MB
Block generation rate: 5 minutes
Difficulty adjustment: 2 weeks
Replay attack: 2-way protection

Volunteer benefits:
After the snapshot, the temporary client will generate 16800 blocks. These will ensure circulation, and after this, the client will freeze and will not produce any further blocks. The income from these 16800 blocks goes into a fund to reward the early developers, to invest in further development, and for the upkeep of the fund. This is considered a voluntary donation from community volunteers (miners). Those who do not wish to support Bitcoin Ore in this way should refrain from mining. After this phase, the regular wallet will go online and mining will change to POC.

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